Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

and desire the physical route to achieve mastery over your thoughts sooner than other routes of
development offer."
"It seems like an unnecessarily tough road," Elani said.
"Your choice to manifest lessons in this way was not made blindly: the human being aspects
of your journey were known in that your penchant for destruction was expected and anticipated
by you and your guides—guides who were our first physical manifestations."
"O ur spirit guides had to learn about the human way of development, as well?" Josh said.
"We did, and so we can say that to have chosen physical manifestations are a testament to
your great courage, for literally every imaginable core adversity to personal development, in any
universe, is present in physical reality. And there is one other, which exists only in mankind’s
"And I still chose this?" Meaghan said.
"From your chosen experiences here you will learn to deal with all circumstances from the
position of inner strength and knowledge. We are referring to experiences both in a body and out
of one, because your world will have shown you what the ignorance of having to be right, from
the position of might, brings into any reality."
"O ur evolutionary purpose is to control our thoughts?" Meaghan said belatedly, but
"As energy, what you think is what you instantly create. Without the apparent time lapse
between thought and manifestation you experience in a physical form, you would create
circumstances of great difficulty that you are not prepared to deal with. Mastery of your thoughts
is essential, but you are free to do so under any circumstance you desire: a father may try to
protect his daughters from people who are like he was at their age. A comedienne’s humor may
come from disturbing trials with men, and the abruptly wealthy may quickly find themselves
poor in the ways that had formerly enriched their lives."
Elani cleared her throat. "You’re saying the core lessons of mankind are all about
"Physical experience is an artifice for your development as energy-consciousness, which
cares not for things; this includes beliefs that represent your behavior. Your classrooms of things
represent your desires. When you can consciously choose a journey devoid of things not required
to sustain your physical needs you are not thinking of you; you are not saying, ‘I wish,' or ‘what
if?’ You are acting deliberately from the knowledge of what has to happen, according to the
nature of the events you set in motion. Without the influence of self, this translates directly into
your Master’s Degree in responsible thought. How you achieve this is yours to choose, be that
through more arduous predicaments than joyful play."
"No matter what job we do, or whether we have kids, or…" Rachel said.
"Every circumstance is a developmental exploration of an arena that renders knowledge
pertinent to the explorer, but it may not necessarily be relevant outside of the physical realm. A
doctor of physical medicine, for example, may overtly learn nothing relevant to her patient’s
energetically manifest disease. Howe ver, the psychological and emotional circumstances under
which she studied, and subsequently practiced her profession, could be the relevant lesson she
was after. In addition, there is a level of exploration dealing with beliefs that healers of all ilks
cannot help but encounter. Parents approach their lessons in love, perseverance, and
responsibility from a different perspective, as do beggars."