Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"You cannot be blindsided if you are facing the proper direction."
"We’re paying attention to the wrong things?" Jenny said.
"Hang on." Pulling back one finger after another, Meaghan pla yed catch-up. "If we knew
what we were supposed to do, we wouldn’t do it right, because doing it wrong shows us how to
do it right?"
"Teacher’s of The Way To Live know this is a student’s predicament by design, because
changing fundamental views is a threat to the core of their being. For this reason, teachers arrive
in disguise to probe their student’s personalities before formal lessons begin."
"Probe for what?" Elani said.
"To learn which core illusions they must deal with, and to what degree they need a ttention,
in order to bring all aspects of the personality along at a similar pace: the teachings are so
difficult that, without a balanced approach, the student has less opportunity to succeed than
would otherwise be the case." Apparently addressing a common thought, he said, "All
apprentices must have doubts, otherwise their preparatory indoctrination has not been effective;
it is one of the first issues addressed by a teacher."
"That qualifies us," Josh quipped.
"We’re apprentices?" Meaghan said with anticipatory delight.
"Then why don’t you deal with us like you do with Bonnie?" Rachel said before Kha- lib
could respond, meaning one on one.
Kha-lib faced Rachel. "Teachers have struggled with their personal development like
everyone else, for one cannot teach what they do not know. She (Bonnie) is passing a critical
point of change in her lessons beyond which we can teach lessons in power directly to her. You
have yet to reach this stage."
"What’s the knowledge she knows?" Meaghan said, innocently.
"She has long ago learned that who and what you all think you are is a description contrived
from how you interpret the physical world, and your experiences in it. Essentially," he said,
addressing Meaghan’s confused expression, "time slowly manifests your decisions from which
you learn that you create your own reality through your view of whom and where you think you
are. Everything is a reflection, and you relentlessly summon or create these to help you see
yourselves, and your choices clearly. This is the nature of the school you all attend, which means
the natures of the events you encounter represent a particular purpose."
"Not sure I follow that."
"You do things in the name of camouflaged interests, the ramifications of which often
bewilder you because they co me from a broader underlying reality. In many ways, you are like
puppies barking at a mirror, confounded by what you see when faced with your own reflection—
as if it was an influence outside of yourselves—and often no less aggressive defending your
perceived territory on this side of the glass."
"How does that make her different, now that I know the same thing?" Meaghan said.
"She is being reminded of knowledge she long ago claimed as her own at the level of an
assumption. This is that the world she perceives is a description about reality, so there is no need
to judge or embrace anything or anyone as complete, or an unalterable fact. She understands that
for us to say she is acting the fool is a precise observation—the portion of her source-soul that
has been conformed to believe is her entire self, known in this time as Bonnie, is acting in a
foolish manner that will reveal the drawbacks of that behavior. She understands that she is
performing, and that this audition demands of her a personal evaluation after which she will
behave differently. In the same way, she knows that soldiers, clerics, skeptics, and artists, are