Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

exercises, an unavoidable circumstance cut these efforts short: I knew much about his exploits
and escapades, so he received information of a psychic nature from Bonnie with skepticism,
eventually saying that I must have told her things ahead of time. This was inadvertently true in a
few cases, because my escapades were linked to his, and so lay the basis of his reasonable
skepticism about all of Bonnie’s claims.
The bottom line was that he attended no classes, which meant the distance between us was
becoming more than a financial gulf, and not only because of our diverging experiences: In early
July, he and I were idly talking about his plans for a summer vacation when he mentioned the
possibility of a few weeks sailing in August. It came to me then with clarity and certainty that he
should not go away at that time; his father was going to die in August. I said this, just as I had
told my mother the same thing when I knew my father was going to die, many years earlier. He
understood that I was not trying to prove anything, but having said anything wasn’t the smartest
thing I ever did if only by coloring his summer days.
Chapter 4
The Classes
I slid lower into the Accord’s seat to place my knees on the dashboard, because I had a
nerve problem in my hip from carrying the first ‘portable’ electronic video equipment. I had
lived with pain coming and going, with minor movements I could not anticipate, long enough to
adjust my body to angles of relief without thinking. Sitting as if I was balancing a book on my
head was one of these positions, so Bonnie never commented on my occasional, apathetic
appearing posture. You could say we shared an assumption about it.
I continued my review…
In the earliest classes, Kha-lib explained that the personas Bonnie channeled weren’t the
only entities to teach in our twentieth century. Not to impugn other invaluable materials, but at
this stage in our development he said the works of Jane Roberts (The Seth series) would help us
to better understand the evolutionary intricacies of personal development, while Lynn V.
Andrews and Carlos Castaneda’s books made this knowledge physically and personally relevant,
from the male and female perspectives within their cultural interpretations...
"What subjects do you teach?" Meaghan asked.
"My fondness is for the arts of living," Kha-lib replied.
"What has that got to do with us?" Jenny said.
"It is said that the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Implied, is that the meeting
furthers a purpose of which the student is unaware, because foreknowledge of the encounter
would taint the preparation period in which willingness must meet its demise. Is it possible that
you are ready?"
"Hold on," Rachel said. After a less than inconspicuous glance toward her friend, she said,
"Students live for a purpose that can’t be achieved if they know what it is, because they wouldn’t
want to do it?"
"Knowledge of one’s quest would affect how they engaged challenges that are purposefully
designed to be encountered from a particular point of view. Therefore such knowledge is
"Blindsiding them isn’t?" Elani said with a sardonic chuckle: she was a gorgeous, mid-
twenties supernatural blonde, who gave away little about her life as she came to hear Bonnie
speak, scrubbed and without makeup, looking like she had not slept. I suspected that she was an
exotic dancer; she looked familiar, but in the light of day with clothes on it was difficult to tell.