Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

has helped to shape the destiny of this time. You are here because each of you has the potential
of furthering your collective goals; we have just discussed how this can be with our new friend,
Georgio‘s confusion was comprehensive, because his concerns had been about an old car
and a new girlfriend, in that order.
Wringing life-lessons out of their innocuous conversation, Saa-ra made his present
circumstance a fulcrum between his entire history and endless probabilities, thereby giving us all
a sense of our own evolutionary scope. Her downy persona also kicked a few egos in the ass by
overlooking them. At these times, I thought that being ignored was far better than getting her
attention, because her one-on-one teacher’s persona differed from Kha-li’s only in that she
seemed to care. K ind of. Sometimes.
Kha-lib: I envisioned Kha- lib as the head of Human Resources, Chief Recruiter and Hatchet
Man as circumstances warranted. To the best of my recollection, Bonnie's other personas never
said anything about K ha- lib beyond having shared experiences that were his to tell.
To me, he was distant, but not like K ha-li's Alpha Centauri routine. He was more like the
top non-com in Special Forces addressing new recruits, in that the directness of his questions
implied that to answer incorrectly demonstrated a tragic shortfall of intellectual resources. That
said, his wit was drier than popcorn in the Sahara sun and the last thing you would expect to hear
within serious discussions with a disembodied consciousness who was older than time. As a
result, we learned to pay attention to his every syllable, as was his goal.
His teaching techniques also included ignoring commonly accepted assumptions in poorly
framed inquiries, so that it could take a while for us to realize he was answering a question as it
had been asked, and not as the questioner had intended it. This practice forced us to refine our
thinking because, metaphorically, he would talk endlessly about apples until someone interrupted
him to say the question had been about oranges. K ha- lib would then repeat the original question
verbatim, so that we could see that it had indeed been about oranges... unintentionally.
As a result, feeling foolish amid bolts of ideas intended to graze our comprehension was a
normal part of a session with the most exacerbating persona, who gave us more time than all of
the persona's combined. A tight gut often advised me of his presence.
Phillip and Caroline: Their individual influences on Bonnie's facial expression made her
appear to be enjoying a secret, and my automatic reaction was to relax. More often than not, they
spoke humorously about their many stints in physical reality, and be they rogue or princess, they
spoke about every experience with fondness. Dealing with either of them was like going out for a
beer with an entertaining debater, because their stories about living productive lives seemed
more like an option than a requirement.
Notable by his absence in class was Ed: During this first summer of my apprenticeship, our
arrangement was that I need not pay for anything unless I came into some freelance money. Not
rent, food, or even beer. He was well paid, but far from a wealthy man because, as it is with so
many experts, he had less success regulating his own finances. It would be fair to say that I taxed
his resources between the ebb and flow of my freelance jobs, and he never asked for repayment
because he knew, and had stated, that I’d just borrow it again. This seemed not to be an issue for
him, but there were circumstances that could make us uncomfortable…
Ed and Bonnie had gotten together on a number of occasions, where he eventually met his
higher self through her channels. Ed was no stranger to the mystical view; his father practiced
but did not preach the idea of life and knowled ge existing outside of physical form. He had also
experienced the occasional knowing, and although he was moved enough to try a few internal