Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

shadow radiated strength to those who were on his journey-assignments. And when these ended,
there was no fanfare to welcome them home. His joy was ever-present, piercing, and pure.
In stark contradiction to this, his teaching personality was that of a remote enigma, i.e. no
personality at all. During our private channels, Bonnie's features appeared angular, her jaw- line
straighter, and her full lips flatter below cheekbones that defined a chiseled look out of which a
baritone voice seemed to travel down miles of cast iron pipe. To challenge his gaze was to risk
slipping into a kind of mental seclusion where rainbow possibilities resonating within a brilliant
psychological landscape could suddenly invade my monochrome imagination. O ne blink and the
panorama evaporated, but the information-perception remained. Talk about communication...
Because of this potential inner event, K ha- li's rare appearances could take me through a
cycle of feeling honored, insignificant, thankful that his stays were short, then embarrassed and
mystified: I was embarrassed because his sessions were the most emotionally draining, when not
through poignant pauses or penetrating language then in anticipation of a picture going off in my
mind. I was mystified because his persona seemed to be conspicuously disinterested in speaking
to anyone. His Portions (defined as direct emanations of his energy-knowledge) had been in
physical reality many times, some of which he revealed to us.
Saa-ra : From the context of her lessons, she seemed to be in charge of the Rescue and
Rehabilitation division of Kha-li’s corporation, personally dealing with the explorer agents and
emissaries who had been injured, and the lost souls who had harmed them. Her agent-entities,
such as Phillip and Caroline, spoke of a "woman" whose soothing heartbeat had made their fetal
sleep deep, and of being nursed into physical and emotional health by Saa-ra patiently teaching
them the ways of wonder. Everything had a place and purpose, and nothing was impossible, so
they grew up with no barriers to building solid foundations upon which they would make their
first true stands at no one’s expense but their own.
By mythic name and historical encounter, mankind knew about many lifetimes in which
Saa-ra’s Portions had been demanding friends to all of good heart, and perceived as a demonic
fo rce by those who could not face the truths she dared to tender. She also asked nothing of her
Portions that she had not first tasked to herself; she told us of some her physical manifestations,
as well. The legacy of her physical portion’s passing was of children stumbling graciously
through obstacles that might have hindered the harvest of their potential. And when their time
was over, no one was more delighted to review their courageous journey, especially the times
when they thought they could go around difficulties.
Collectively, other entity’s stories implied that the euphoric gateway of light and love we
passed through on our way home was a welcoming kiss on the cheek at the entrance to Kha-li’s
and Saa-ra’s school of development and exploration.
For me, and in class only, Saa-ra's Jacqueline Kennedy demeanor created the impression
that she lacked depth, which she furthered by way of a 'things simply are' attitude. For example,
Bonnie, as Saa-ra, sometimes had informal chats with people before a lesson began. When the
rest of us noticed that Bonnie had switched personas, Saa-ra thanked the individual for sharing
their concerns before announcing, "Today we will embrace the letter P."
Regulars fell silent, some struggling to conceal their delight over a visitor’s expression of
"What the hell is this—Sesame Street?" because Saa-ra’s often fluffy mannerisms had nothing to
do with the material she imparted."P as in potent, or powerful," she said to Meaghan. "Portion—
less than the whole, but encompassing all of its elements," Saa-ra said to me. "Portend—a sign of
things to come," she said, turning to face Josh, and then to Rachel, "Potential—capable of
actualization." Her eyes swept the room. "The consciousness of your entire evolutionary Selves