Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"A while ago you said your job was to convince me to leave my idea of self out of my
thinking, right?"
"Correct," she said, grimacing at my grammar.
"I can see why that is, but wouldn’t convincing me of anything inherently be second- hand?"
"You’re talking about words; I’m talking about leading you to having experiences that
preclude the idea of self. Then you will know, and when you do you’ll recognize the danger of
sharing space with those who claim to have convictions."
Bonnie became more visibly alert as we reached the ramp. "Review our Saturday classes in
your mind, and include your view of the source of the channels; it colors what you think.
Hopefully, you can leave some of your reason behind before whatever lesson they’re setting us
up for begins."
Three lanes of traffic merged into one like a bumper car rally, and we began crossing the
Lion’s Gate Bridge.
Chapter 3
Saturday’s Principal Players
I began my internal review by listing the cast of characters’ attributes, as I perceived them,
as if I would recognize their influences on what they had told me...
Kha-li’s first utterance to me through Bonnie was, "We have been awaiting you," then to
quell my skepticism, and address my partially formed questions, he said that nothing was what I
thought it to be. He soon explained that all entities had to adopt a personality to speak with
mankind, because we would otherwise identify poorly with the source of information, and
thereby lose much of its meaning. Otherwise, a personality, as humankind knows it, is an
aggregate of preferred traits and unresolved issues in our personal development. Spirit has no
such issues. Even their male and female representations were preferences chosen for a given
circumstance: the female principle, Kha-li explained in simply terms, is the originator of ideas,
while the male principle is the power behind their manifestation. Because all entities at his level
had command over both principles of power and application, they were neither male nor female.
They were whole.
Communication with us was also a much broader concept than we realized. Tone, inflection,
choice of words, and pacing were overt influences, but they (Spirit) also spoke to levels of
consciousness of which we were unaware. These included our personal store of evolutionary
(silent) knowledge, and what he called our cellular indoctrination—the literal programming of
knowledge into our cells. He said that, because individuals are unique in their perceptions and
programming, how one person viewed Kha-li’s "personality" would not necessarily be how
another interpreted the same ‘event’ of speaking with him. He said that, at his core, he was an
ongoing event.
On Saturdays, Bonnie presented the Kha-li persona like a great grandfather/C.E.O. of a
cosmotic conglomerate that was exploratory in nature. He also oversaw massive events, but was
rarely seen other than by emissaries whose reverence for him was contextually apparent, as
opposed to declared in the teaching stories Bonnie channeled from them.
From these tales, one could envision Kha-li as the soothing voice in a frightened infant's
mind, and the country doctor who attended to their growing pains by showing them for what they
were. He was also the consummate teacher who never shared an answer that a student could
deduce or experience. O verall, he seemed to be a ghost- like purveyor of purpose, whose very