Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

anymore than you did. They’re inside the manipulations they unwittingly perpetuate. So you
know, I think a free press is the life-breath of developing and sustaining cultures properly: we’ll
probably get into that later this week."
"I think you lead me to believe otherwise," I said.
"You did that. I never lied to you."
"Maybe not directly." I couldn’t recall. "But you didn’t tell me the whole truth either."
Chuckling, she said, "I couldn’t have done that if I wanted to. You have to discover the truth
from your own vantage point."
"There’s more than one true point of view?"
"Personal perception does not assemble facts; it creates the assumptions we use to explore
ideas until the teacher arrives. And their job is to guide students through all of their assumptions
to a place from which they can see the truth. This place is unique to everyone, but what they see
is uncompromising."
We stopped in the right lane for a red light, and a biker on a chopped Harley pulled
alongside; the dual explosions of patently tuned exhaust forestalled conversatio n.
When the light changed, and the biker had eased his machine through successive rhythms of
pulsating blasts ahead of us, Bonnie said, "To recap, for our purposes there are three barriers to
the average person achieving clarity of mind. O ne of them is failing to understand that our true
essence is energy and all that this implies, another is our incessant social conditioning, and the
third is our self- image."
"I’m not clear on the practicality of knowing we’re energy."
"You have seen human bodies die, so you might believe in death as some kind of finality,
instead of the transition point your out-of-body experience demonstrated. It follows that without
having this experience you might not believe this earth is primarily a school for personal
development. Now that you know you don’t die, you can embrace the idea that as far as mankind
is concerned all of this is first and foremost a school. And like all schools, its purpose is to be
transcended, just as the body is a temporary means for part of your conscious ness to learn in this
arena. With that understanding comes acceptance of abilities formerly unused—the abilities of
seers and mystics by any name. And with that acceptance comes individual practices that gain
knowledge in more efficient ways, and knowledge is speed."
"With you all the way on that."
"Good, now condense the poor affects of your social conditioning."
"It created biases, often to the point of me being unable to determine right from wrong."
"And self- image?"
"It causes me to interpret events through the limited vision of my self- interests, which pretty
much demands that the world evolve around me. O verall, "I said as the thought came to me,
"reason screws us from the get- go."
"Your statement," Bonnie said formally, "does not recognize these appar ent barriers as the
tools this school uses to teach us how to transcend the influences of all illusions. Maybe a better
way of saying it is that they create the human experience we are here to master."
"You’re trying to have me transcend being human?" I joked.
Seriously, Bonnie said, "I’m teaching you how to integrate your earth-bound energy with
Spirit, which includes losing the human form—that’s a topic for another time. Otherwise, dealing
with these barriers requires only the willingness to explore them. It’s a choice—inevitable, but
still a choice." She quickly glanced my way. "Q uestion?"