Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"The cellular programming of immortality awareness is the impetus of a blade of grass
pushing through a concrete sidewalk, though as viewed by a fearful man is seen as damaging.
Were you to eliminate fear from your motives for only one moment of your unique time, you
would see clearly, as a revelation, that aggression-violence is the means of achievement of all
things. But that it is destructive only through the eyes of fear."
"We’ve been talking about that a lot."
"As all things have determined their own quest, when to begin and when to end them, the
violent interaction between man and nature, and nature and all species, are part of their
agreements to further each other's quest, be this as the food for another or as the survivor. With
this understanding, you would realize that the silent knowledge of your immortality could
manifest as it was originally intended to act before, by adding fear to your choices of free will,
you altered your perceptions. You would recognize that your instincts and your knowledge of
your true timeless existence find purpose and application in an apparently lim ited time frame,
through listening to the echoes of your heart. Your heart, which is what you feel at the core of
your being when you know yourself, will always tell you the knowledge of the ages, and so what
is necessary to be done. Your mind, which holds the ideas of its unique time, will tell you how to
apply what you know. Acted upon together, they create a life of acts of heart. This is the most
powerful of experiences. You will encounter this lesson shortly."
I knew better than to ask him how this would be. Instead, I said, "I have a basic question:
doesn’t an experience, any experience, have to be recognized for what it is to be of any use? I
mean, what if a child doesn’t become aware of their inherent power to create their reality,
because they are in the care of those who don’t share that belief? More than that," my mouth ran
on as the actual point of asking this question emerged, "understanding the true nature of our
actions isn’t simple. Bonnie is spending a lot of time on that, and I’m trying to get it." I shrugged
a "but" to indicate that I was falling short.
"Those who are unaware of their true power have chosen that path to discover the validity
of faith in another way. There is always a reason. Those who otherwise remained tethered to the
social conformations of their time and place do not, as of yet, have the energy to embrace a new
way of thinking. But they will. The Universe is pro -active, never more so than at this time of
convergence when a centuries-long lesson may be faced in one life."
"Were we always like this? You know, stupid."
"At another time we will speak of our explorations of your development."
"Mine or mankind’s?"
"We will deal with both, for it is your quest to reveal such knowledge."
"You’re sending me back now?"
"It is time for school."
I woke up with this phrase, in my mother’s voice, cycling in my mind.
(*)I began having teaching dreams before I met Bonnie, but I had no context within which to
take them as anything other than stories I made up. Shortly after I met her some of these dreams
recurred, and began to make more sense within the contexts she was providing regardless of my
initial reluctance to accept any of her metaphysical ideas. They also helped to keep me going in
the face her absurd claims...
One series of dreams had me awaken in a wild field of foot-high uncultivated grasses near
an undersized industrial harbor. Fixed cranes alongside railway tracks, with grain silos across
from them, dotted the shoreline; the ships at the jetty were like the smaller Great Lakes carriers.