Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"This inter-conductive memory also stores the knowledge that a specific purpose is achieved
through survival of the focus until such a time as one's challenges have been faced. Knowledge
of the entities projected return home, as a death, is stored in this same way."
"Why do so many people fear it?"
"Through social programming they are mistranslating the knowledge. They often use it not
as a motivation to learn a meticulously designed lesson for a given lifetime, but as a reason they
do not have to learn because they see no point. Their cellular programming has been
overshadowed by the intense focus of physical life."
"I think there’s a contradiction in there, but I can’t put my finger on it."
"Mankind often translates this inner knowledge of death as fear, as their link with us is
weak, and so their understanding of instinct itself is often misconstrued by placing false value on
the importance of a single lifetime. In doing so, there may appear to be a paradox between the
knowledge of surviving forever while fearing death as an end."
"That unravels my quandary. Thanks."
"There are no paradoxes in any universe that are not fabricated through incorrect
assumptions: Saa-ra’s portion may present such fabrications for you to unravel, and in the doing
understand the subject in its entirety. It is the design of her teaching method." He carried on
without pause, as Bonnie often did. "The inter-conductive memory between the source entity and
the physical body brings with it the inherent understanding of evolution at its most profound
levels, beyond word description. It knows conceptual realities such as time, and so the
importance of choosing specific times to enter into a quest. In this way, instinct affects one's day-
to-day decision making processes, as it relentlessly urges one to recognize that a moment once
past is irretrievable. Therefore, one should make the best use of it. Ending the focus—dying, is as
much a part of instinct as is the will to survive, for there is an equally valid time to die as there is
to be born."
"Makes sense; when you’re finished what you came to do, why not die?"
"Your familiarity with death makes this easier to see, with the correction that dying always
serves a purpose."
"Nothing wasted… got it."
"This programming also recognizes that immortality, as it is understood at this level and not
as mankind thinks of it, is achievable only through experience and specifically the treatment of
experience in responsible and efficient ways. To die before one's purpose is fulfilled may or may
not be through an irresponsible act, but it is never efficient to have to repeat one's lessons.
Immortal awareness, therefore, brings with it the responsibility of the moment, not the
irresponsibility of having all the time in the world."
"Understood." And I did in that moment. (14)
"It follows that the sense of immortality brings with it an indefinable push to achieve - it is
the natural state of all things to achieve - and so it is the knowledge behind natural aggression,
not violence as you so often view nature. This natural drive to achieve is too often mistranslated,
and in your time intentionally used to conform the masses to highly inefficient goals—harmful
goals, by those whose quest for power belies their insanity."
"Bonnie has—that is, Saa-ra’s portion," I corrected myself, "has taken me down that road,
but this is great stuff for our screenplay… where everything literally begins."
"It is not a disservice to call her by the name she uses in your time."
"Okay. Thanks."