Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Events and Time are strung together in the same manner—by assumption and agreement.
So depth, as the experience of physical life, becomes a root assumption. This applies to all things
in your system. You find the depth of a friend’s character and learn to trust, which is an
assumption based on your experience with him or her. In actuality, one is trusting in what one
cannot see or touch, derived from their private perceptions of previous experiences. Do you
"Is not the following of spiritual practices the same–trusting in what you cannot see, yet
experience bears out the truth?"
"It is, but it’s often not deemed reasonable to have faith in—in very much."
"Saa-ra’s portion will lead you beyond reasoning to specifically experience how focus, as
faith, creates worlds. You shall see."
"I don’t doubt it."
"I meant that literally—you will see how projected energy shapes events."
"At the level of creation, this mass consciousness also agrees on a timeframe and a distance
representation, which is a psychological adjustment to a decrease in their vibratory speed. Each
timeframe has its own speed and an historical momentum of cultural influences that constitute
the modality of that time."
"Bonnie familiarized me with that idea."
"Now you can use it as a psychological backdrop for all that you experience here," he said,
with a slim grin.
"Can I ask you something?"
"You may."
"What’s the difference between understanding and awareness? I meant to ask Bonnie,
but..." I shrugged a ‘when you’ve got the author, why ask the messenger?' movement.
"For now, it is enough to say that you can experience pure understanding as a grand
deposit of knowledge drawn from a simultaneous thought. In its essence, this understanding is
restricted by language, and possibilities you do not yet allow for. In other words, the limited
view of the self that you believe yourself to be is present in the event. Awareness excludes you,
and so it excludes the barriers of the unthought-of, or the dismissed. It is also simultaneous and
encompassing, but if you sense your presence, it is as a distant observer—a manifestation of the
perspective of your entire Self—my perspective. There is no judgment, no emotion, and no kind
of investment. The awareness IS, just as you Are."
"So far so good," I said.
"This IS-ness encompasses multiple concepts which, as before, are altered when manifest in
the slowness of physical reality. For example, the relationship between instinct and your inner
awareness of your immortality is maintained by a balancing mechanism that translates the
validity of life into the awareness of purpose. It, too, is an unavoidable knowledge programmed
into the cells. In effect, this is how one comes to their knowledge, and to recognize it as such as
their lessons present it to them. Without such programming, the individual has no basis from
which to translate physically related experiences."
"Like common cultural assumptions provide a basis for behaving in a particular way?"
"Yes, and part of the knowledge inherent in the entity before they translate into physicality
is that of immortality. However, when it is slowed to the speed of physical life it is read as
instinct, which is the awareness of purpose."