Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Intellectually, but your predisposition is a much stronger force than you realize," she said
as we began boarding the ferry. "A core inner awareness of our true form of existence
unavoidably manifests in our religions. How these operate symbolize mass beliefs of a particular
bent, each one trying out various interpretations from different vantage points. It follows that
religious convictions are based on the fact of this awareness, but our physical interpretation of
this awareness has been skewed by self-interest over the ages. We’ll deal with that later. Phillip
wants to deal with the mental health issue now."
"I don’t… we’re going for a drive. That’s all I know."
We boarded the ferry and took our seats.
On the crossing of False Creek, we again reviewed the principles and concepts that were
becoming assumptions of our chats. Many of these were metaphysical premises widely held by
millions of people, which Saa-ra corrected for accuracy throughout their historical development.
For example, rituals were originally about altering focus to shift the Assemblage Point. They had
nothing to do with metaphor, memorial, or worship.
When we reached her car, Bonnie handed me the keys and walked to the passenger door.
"Just start driving," she said when we were seated; I headed into the West End along Pacific
"Go where you feel like going," she said.
I turned right on Broughton with the intention of taking it all the way to West Georgia, then
turn left into Stanley Park, a motorcycle drive I never tired of.
"Phillip is going to direct you from here," Bonnie said as we crossed Nelson Street.
"Okay," I said, having no idea what that meant.
In the next moment, I heard a male voice say, "Turn left here," as clearly as if I was wearing
studio quality headphones.
I looked at the car radio—no tuning dial light—then at Bonnie; she was concentrating
deeply, her lips tight, head bowed.
I looked back at the road.
"Turn left on Bidwell and go to Beach," the voice said.
I turned the radio power switch—first on, then off.
"Can you hear him?" Bonnie said casually.
"Perfectly," I replied.
I followed Phillip’s directions for another few minutes, until he directed me to park beside a
church. He ended his monologue by saying, "We will speak later."
My complete acceptance that Spirit spoke to Bonnie changed everything and nothing; I had
believed her, but without the experience it was a seco nd- hand conviction.
Bonnie subsequently explained that Phillip had wanted me to drive to demonstrate, to
myself, that I was not hallucinating, dreaming, or in an altered state of awareness that would
allow me to think I had made up the event. My out-of-body experience had also been preceded
by similarly designed events to make sure that I knew I was wide-awake.
From here on, she said that Phillip would speak to me in this way only if and as I worked on
my energy gathering practices, because words were an incalculably inefficient use of energy. In
time, our conversations would take place through visions, knowings, and pure understandings
that encompassed enormous blocks of knowledge, with one caveat; I had to be familiar with the
elements of the whole lest the message- landscape be skewed.