Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

dignity reached five before she managed to slurp her mirth into submission and say, "That’s why
it’s called the Minimal Chance."
* Based on the teaching tenet, "You can’t teach what you don’t know": a man falls into a
deep hole and is injured. The first person to come along offers him a rope, but he can’t pull
himself up. The next person throws down tools, but the man doesn’t know how to carve steps. A
third person comes along, sees the predicament, and jumps in.
The stranded stranger says, "Why did you do that?"
The rescuer replies, "I’ve been here, so I know the way out."
Chapter 16
Belief and Conviction____
I surveyed the busy street casually, as if a woman laughing and crying so hard as to put her
life at risk was a common sight, until Bonnie recovered… kind of: her stilted sobs were
infectious as we walked to Bridges.
It was not threatening to rain, so I led us to Bridge’s massive waterfront patio area where we
ordered wine. When we thought we could handle speaking intelligibly, Bonnie said Saa-ra
wanted her to take our regular Saturday gathering on a field trip up Cypress Mountain—not the
Lookout, but up a trail. We thereafter speculated about what Intent might do with us on that trek.
After paying our bill, we headed back to the ferry where Bonnie turned to me for a second time
and said, "I want you to voice thoughts that seem to just come to your mind."
"That's a bit much," I said, amid the loitering passengers who would soon be sitting shoulder
to shoulder with us.
"Do you remember how I stopped many of our conversations to ask you why you said
"Sure… you asked me to explore why I felt the way I did."
"Then you flashed-back through apparently unrelated events, which coalesced at your
current emotional state. Correct?"
"Yes, they explained why I was feeling the way I did."
"Do you accept that Phillip prompted these memories to have you see why you are the way
yo u are?"
"It makes sense."
"Voicing your thoughts will continue doing that and... hold on."
"To what?"
"I hadn’t thought of that."
"Thought of what?" I said, perplexed
"Sorry—not you, I was speaking to Saa-ra. She said you need an experience with Phillip to
put some quandaries to rest. O ne of these is that you secretly embrace scientific explanations of
mystical events to avoid religious connotations. Another is fearing for your mental health in
general, because you’ve been told you’re not quite right."
"Because of my out-of-body flight? We’ve covered that."
"I’m just the messenger: I can tell you that if you learn specifically how religions became
what they are, you’ll have nothing standing in your way mystically."
"I’ll accept religions?" I said, incredulously.
"God, no!" Bonnie laughed. "You’ll dismiss their structures entirely."
Sheepishly, I said, "I already know Intent isn’t—aren't religious."