Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Capitol ‘D’ is to consciously access and control Dreaming. Small ‘d’ is more like
exploring one's imagination."
"You also said dreamers were talkers who did nothing more than create the illusion that they
have great things waiting for them?"
"That characterization was part of the three most practiced flaws of mankind’s behavior. We
are now talking about the energetic orientation of consciousness, as it perceives and prefers to
approach physical reality."
"You’d think Stalkers—capitol ‘S’—could come up with a better term than one they’ve
already used," I quipped.
"You would, wouldn’t you," Bonnie mused seriously.
"Why then?" I took the bait.
"It wouldn’t make sense to you right now, and I don’t want to rob you of your delight when
you do understand." Without further explanation, she shifted her body into me as if a wave had
pushed her over. "By practicing saving energy over the past months," she said, "you were able to
perceive information about people while they were carrying on what was to them a normal,
unconsciously guarded conversation, correct?"
"I saw through the personality image they were offering, but I don’t know how or why it
"I told you, it happened because you intended it to happen, and knowing now that you can
do it is the forerunner to practicing it."
"Practicing something that seems to happen spontaneously?"
"Practicing something that cannot be reasonably explained does not mean it has no
explanation." We turned onto Duranleau Street, where we had to contend with heavier tourist
traffic. Oddly, because she always gave her undivided attention to the task at hand, and I was
paying strict attention to her, Bonnie began window-gawking at the Raven and the Bear, a native
art store.
"In some cultures," she said, spontaneously, "the raven is a symbol of knowledge and divine
providence, and the bear is symbolic of strength and wisdom."
"Uh huh."
Bonnie looked at me as if I had missed something.
I was about to ask her what this might be, when the nature of our exchange came starkly
into focus: I was a student who did not treat a teacher’s observation as relevant, when I had no
idea how it might apply. I was still acting like an average person after I had experienced the
concept of the Minimal Chance, knowing, intending to know, and I knew that I had been taught
in my dreams. Then I had secondary realization: I understood this because, in that moment, I
wasn’t acting like an average person... as per her topic.
Shaking my head at this twist of reasoning and teaching method, I said, "K nowledge,
providence, strength, and wisdom," filing the terms away for an unknowable moment.
Grinning as though she knew what had happened, Bonnie said, "Between the lines of
Rachel’s conversation, you understood the path she has taken with men; you knew her core story
without words or specific incident, correct?"
"For now, we are going to call that seeing." She raised her hand to prevent me from
interrupting, which I was about to do. "Seeing does have something to do with your eyes, but it is
not the obvious and it’s not something we are going to get into right now. Sufficient to say that