Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"It was a doubly blindsided journey so that people like you would assume she is strange, if
not oddly endearing, but always intellectually less than them."
"I can see how that would be."
"At worst," Bonnie said, looking my way, "she will occasionally make people feel
uncomfortable, but few of them will risk befriending a quirky misfit who might embarrass them.
This will include her equally educated peers avoiding other than professional relationships."
"She will have no learning disabilities?"
"I thought you understood: she has no disabilities whatsoever." Bonnie tilted her head in
afterthought. "But she can be clumsy when her internal processing overlooks what is to us a
standard continuity of perception and action."
"Translated into John-speak, that would mean what?"
"Her figurative thinking tends to simultaneously encompass the big picture of here and
there, with little thought of transitions, because her contexts are fuller than ours. Just as she
sometimes leaves words out of a sentence, she can overlook what’s physically in between here
and there. Reaching for a coffee mug, for example, her brain might have her lifting it before she
has fully grasped the handle, which would look like she swiped it off the counter. But unless you
had coffee with her on a regular basis you wouldn’t notice that she breaks more than her share of
"Would people perceive her as being dangerous?"
"Someone like Rashaef would, but with an upside."
"Pardon me?"
"If such a person were to throw a fish net from a pitching deck into rolling seas, and
overlook people standing in between to two?" she grinned.
"Ahhh... Teyo—and Aleena’s mispronunciations, and the glib stranger’s humor," I said
catching on. "They were all personal development lessons."
"Lessons that applied to everyone who looked down at them, as well: our entity..."
"Sorry, how do explain Teyo’s dexterity with sleight-of-hand?"
"Teyo learned, as will our entity, that his literal view of the exterior world could be highly
focused on specific tasks for hours on end. In Rashaef’s world, when he learned that Teyo was
born to talk it also meant that he was born to teach." She took my arm as we made our through a
swarm of people exiting a store. "As I was saying, our entity will be intermittently,
surreptitiously, and unconsciously judged only enough to exclude her socially, for no reason she
will fathom. This will cause her to go through life with the simmering frustration of not really
being heard, punctuated by the occasional stark bout of disappointment exploding out of the
mystery of other’s constant underestimation of her, when she’s alone. Only her endless optimism
and massive energy will keep crippling self-doubt at bay. The bottom line," Bonnie took an
earned breath, "is that her diabolica lly delicate approach, even though meticulously conceived, is
also impetuous and risky."
"All of this is just to explore the consequences of judging others?"
"It is to master, in the finest detail, how our socialization processes can highlight self to the
degree that we are blind to what is really important, until it is time to remove our own behavioral
masks and see the damage we have done. Reciprocally, the impact of constant contact with our
entity will be to scrape, when not gouge, people’s sense of self- importance. All lessons are
always two-way streets."
"Helluva ride: so your definition of courage is facing yourself?"
"It is one definition that perfectly applies to everyone on a physical journey."