Stalking Los Angeles HTML version

Reggie could not see or hear that he was being sought out.
Fast asleep, he could not know that animal that he wanted as his
spiritual guide was steadily following his scent, and heading
directly to the cabin.
At fifty feet away, the lion‟s acute hearing picked up the
rhythmic inhale and exhale of the two-leg‟s breath. At twenty-
five feet, the lion‟s acute night vision could see the rise and fall
of the two-leg‟s chest.
On the ground below the raised cabin, the lion anchored its
hindquarters with its tail and lifted its front quarters in one
effortless ascension. It reached up and unshe athed its two -inch
claws and locked them on the outside lip of the cabin floor. At
two feet from the two-leg‟s face, but on the other side of the
screen, the lion‟s whiskers felt the warmth of his body. Although
the lion could have cut through the screen and then through the
throat of the two-leg in a single swipe, he did not. The two-leg
stirred and the animal left as silently as he came.