Squeeze Page Secrets HTML version

What is a Landing or Name Squeeze Page?
Put simply, a landing page is a web page that is designed for the sole purpose of
capturing a potential customer's name and email address.
If used to be easy:
Put up a simple page with a headline, maybe some bullet points, a couple of boxes (one
each for name and email address) and a big "Click here" button.
This can still work if you're not sending traffic from pay per click schemes such as
Google AdWords. So, providing you can get enough traffic to test your idea without
resorting to paying for it, you may not need all the ideas in this report. That said, some of
the ideas will still help as we'll be talking about ways of increasing the number of people
who opt in to your autoresponder.
But since one of the quickest ways of testing an idea is to pay a few dollars and drive
traffic to it with AdWords, chances are that you'll find this report helpful.