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Katie Parsons
When Katie Parsons received a letter notifying her
that she had thirty days to present the key to the
strongbox or its contents would revert to the state,
she realized that either this was a mistake or else
her ship had finally come in.
It was a mistake.
When she inspected the envelope she discovered
that the letter was addressed to a Mr. Pearson
Holmes. She had never heard of any Holmes
outside of Sherlock.
"Oh well,” she sighed. "Easy come, easy go,” and
tossed the letter into the kitchen garbage pail. It sat
there all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and
most of Friday, until her husband, Keith, finally took
out the trash. Then the letter sat in the yard beside
the garage for the rest of Friday, and well into
Saturday morning.
It was retrieved by Freddy the Freegan on
Saturday, June 23rd, at 11:47 A.M. That is when
our story begins.