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There are a s ma ll group of folks outside of those mentioned in the introduction whose assistance was vital
in seeing this book to its completion. Firstly my editor, Va lerie Ford, who I sincere ly thank for all her hard
work and strict attention to detail, as we ll as simply transforming the editoria l task into a fun learn ing
e xperience. Ne xt, to those who reviewed, supported and offered precious feedback for early drafts of this
tale, specifica lly, Do menic Verle zza and his son Dom J r., Josie Belle Cooke, and most especially Roger
Schumacher, for a ll h is intense, yet wholly engaging scrutiny, wonderful and generous critic ism and
ongoing analysis of all things ‗Exiles‘. To those who answered my call to arms, who played vita l ro le(s) in
ma king this book far mo re than just words on paper, my heartfe lt thanks to each of you: Ale xa Cutro, Brett
Temp le, Abby Clark and Sa mantha Mishinski, a long with Donna, Jennie and Maggie and Linda. Lastly
and most importantly to my two true loves: Ann, my infinitely patient wife, thank you for all your ever-
present love and support, along with my five year-old daughter, Grace, who has been listening to Marie‘s
exploits as long as she can remember …