Speed Business Networking - The Manual HTML version

The Challenge
How many small business people or sales professionals do
you know who would like to earn more? How many of
your clients would like to be able to sell more products or
services? How many would actually be grateful for your
We challenge you to identify at least 10 people whom you
know could benefit from this book by studying and
implementing the material in it, and ask them if they’d like
you to email the pdf file.
Please do use your judgement when deciding who is
suitable because those people may want to join Speed
Business Networking to enhance their networking
effectiveness, and it’s important to us to maintain the
quality of the various working groups, especially the
business development forums where members work to
build their businesses.
If that person is a grandstander, a user/taker, not a giver,
is someone who is simply out for all they can get, then
please don’t pass this on. The members of our business
community are not there to make money out of each other,
but to help each other through sharing expertise, so that
everyone is able to easily grow and improve their business.
Our whole focus is on building relationships based on trust
and respect for principles and values. We hope this is what
you’re looking for, and that you enjoy being part of our
© The Lifeworks Group Pty Ltd and Speed Business Networkin g – 2006
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