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How to Make Money Online with Little or No Money
internet empire. Take the time to read through the next few sections, so that you
will be focused and ready when we come to the money making part.
First you need to have a definite plan in place.
You can use the following guideline:
Goals => Strategy => Action
Goals – You need to state a specific goal that you want to achieve and the
specific time frame by when you want to achieve it. For example my goal is to
make $50000 from my Internet Business in three years time. You need to give
specific command to your mind especially your subconscious mind so that you
will find ways to achieve your objectives.
Strategy - This is where you brainstorm ways to achieve your goals. If your goal
is to earn $1000 a month more, you will just need to work a bit harder or find a
new job with an increase of salary. But if your goal is to earn $20000 a month,
you may need to start a business. So you will use different strategies for different
Another example if you sell an eBook, you will need to know how many you need
to sell to hit your target.
Action - You can plan all you want, strategize all you want but it all comes down
to taking ACTION. Without taking action nothing comes about. You need to go
out and take action. Most people will read and read, plan until everything is
perfect but they procrastinate when it comes to taking action. The best way is to
get a plan together, implement your plan and proceed from there. You will get
feedback if your plan is working successfully or not. With that feedback fine tune
your plan until it produces the results that you want.
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