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Thank you for purchasing this Special Report. In it you will read about how to jumpstart your own internet money making machine with little or no money needed.

You may ask why you want to start a business with little or no money?

If you have low startup cost, your risk will be low. Therefore you will be more willing to experiment and test various methods and even if you fail in the ventures, you do not lose your shirt on your back. You will learn what works and what does not work. Then you can throw away what is not working and do more of the things that bring in you money. You will learn to create a system that you can mold into a profitable business for yourself that bring in streams of cash flowing into your pockets.

Before starting

Before you go into the money making part of the report, you first need to step back and think about what is your goal, what you want to achieve with your internet business. Without a proper vision of the future outcome, you will end up like a boat in the sea going wherever the wind direction blows not knowing where you will land. You will spend a lot of time moving from idea to idea and end up achieving little. Trust me, I did the same thing, trying every new idea that came up and spending countless hours surfing websites and reading numerous newsletters. I have wasted months of my precious time when I could have concentrated on building my internet business.

That is why it is necessary to focus your mind like a laser beam, so that all your passion, drive and time can be put to productive use in establishing your own internet empire. Take the time to read through the next few sections, so that you will be focused and ready when we come to the money making part.



First you need to have a definite plan in place. You can use the following guideline:


Goals => Strategy => Action

Goals – You need to state a specific goal that you want to achieve and the specific time frame by when you want to achieve it. For example my goal is to make $50000 from my Internet Business in three years time. You need to give specific command to your mind especially your subconscious mind so that you will find ways to achieve your objectives.

Strategy - This is where you brainstorm ways to achieve your goals. If your goal is to earn $1000 a month more, you will just need to work a bit harder or find a new job with an increase of salary. But if your goal is to earn $20000 a month, you may need to start a business. So you will use different strategies for different goals.
Another example if you sell an eBook, you will need to know how many you need to sell to hit your target.

Action - You can plan all you want, strategize all you want but it all comes down to taking ACTION. Without taking action nothing comes about. You need to go out and take action. Most people will read and read, plan until everything is perfect but they procrastinate when it comes to taking action. The best way is to get a plan together, implement your plan and proceed from there. You will get feedback if your plan is working successfully or not. With that feedback fine tune your plan until it produces the results that you want.

Multiple Streams of Income

One more thing you need to learn is how to create Multiple Streams of Income. If you want to live the way that you desire to live, the freedom to choose how you spend your time, you need to learn how to set this up.

An excellent book that I have read and reread many times, which started me on the road to riches is a book by Robert Allen titled “Multiple Streams of Income”. In that book he details how to setup multiple streams of income. There is also a fair amount of information that is worth reading.

You can click on the link below to check out the book http://www.thehowtomakemoneyonline.com/red/msi.html


Let me give you a brief overview.


The reason to have multiple streams of income is that if one income stream dries up, then you will still have other streams that will sustain you.

For example, presently you may have only one income stream that is namely your job and this earns you a salary. If you get retrenched today, you may not have sufficient funds to last you until you find the next job.

This is where multiple streams of income play a part. The various streams can come from property, stocks and mutual funds as well as others.

Previously before the internet, you can only build your streams of income from the above streams and it took time, money and a slightly steep learning curve. Now in the information age, you can setup multiple streams of income using the internet alone. Imagine that “Multiple Streams of Income” from the internet alone!

Most of the internet money making systems take some time to setup but after that you can leave it on autopilot and move onto the next one. What could be more rewarding? Setup the system and see the residual income rolling in for months to come.

Types of Internet Income


A few streams of Internet Income you can start right away with just a little bit of effort are listed below:

1. Start selling on eBay
2. Start a blog with Adsense
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Writing an ebook
5. Start an ezine
6. Start a membership site

There many other ways that you can make money on the internet. It is only limited by your imagination. Give your imagination free rein and you can easily come up with a dozen ways in which to make money on the internet.

When you look at the half a dozen examples listed above, you can actually tie all of them together into a bundled package. The above examples can all be started on a shoestring budget and can be setup with just some effort by you.

Starting on eBay

I bet you have brought something on eBay before, right? Of course you have. You have brought this report and are now reading it. EBay gives you the opportunity to sell almost anything on their web portal (Read the eBay policies on what can and cannot be sold at the below link).

You can make a profit of a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars on eBay. Just visit the eBay website and browse through the various auctions and you will see the power of eBay. It brings Buyers and Sellers together in a common market place.

Setting up your Paypal account

Before you start setting up your seller account, it is best to setup your Paypal account if you still have not done so. You can visit the below link to setup your Paypal account.

Using Paypal gives you many benefits. You can collect payment for items sold. Once the auction has ended, the buyer can proceed to checkout and make immediate payment via Paypal.

Paypal also provides you the ability to receive payments by credit cards. You do not have to worry about setting up a merchant account. It helps to cut down all the hassle.

Another benefit is that you can tie your seller account to your eBay account. You can then pay for your seller account fees with your Paypal.


Please take note that this is only possible if the below two conditions are met:

1. Your eBay account is registered on eBay’s US, Canada, Ireland or UK Sites
2. You pay your eBay seller’s fees in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR or Yen

Setting up your Seller account


To sell your items on eBay, you need to have an eBay id (which I assume you already have).

Next you need to setup your eBay seller account. This can be quickly setup. There is a comprehensive guide to get you started at the below link. http://pages.ebay.com/education/sellingtips/index.html

The above link provides a quick guide to get you started selling your eBay items. It shows you:

1. How to register your selling account
2. How to use the “Sell Your Item Form”
3. How to Track Your Items
4. How to receive payments and to ship your items

Why you should start with selling on eBay


What are the reasons that eBay is the best place to start?

Firstly, you do not have to purchase a domain name and setup a website. You save money and you do not have to spend time setting up your webpage. EBay provides you with a ready made platform to show the items you have for sale.

Next, you have regular traffic generated on eBay. Where else can you get this amount of people looking for things to buy? This is targeted traffic. Let me explain this concept a bit as it is important.

When you setup a website on your own, you need traffic to come to your website. You need to drive traffic to your website. How can this be done? You have to do this either through passive marketing or through active marketing.

Passive marketing is usually free. You have to pay for active marketing and it may not necessarily generate the traffic you are looking for. For example you need to put in ads in ezines or use pay-per-click advertising. This all costs time and money to setup and fine tune. With eBay, you have traffic coming at a fast rate. People are looking for a specific product.

The way eBay is structured is through categories. You can drill down to a specific category. For example if you want to buy toy soldiers, you can go to Toys & Hobbies -> Toy Soldiers-> Modern -> Plastic Soldiers. What ever product category you need to drill down to, you can do it as eBay provides an organized structure.

However most potential buyers will not scroll through the categories but will do a search according to keywords. If you compare Google and Yahoo, you will find that Google is popular compared to Yahoo as people prefers to do a search rather than scrolling through the categories.

When buyers do a search for a specific product using keywords you will get targeted traffic. This is the best kind of traffic as they are most probably looking for your product ready and willing to buy.

So if users search using keywords, then the most important thing is the Title. When you do a keyword search, eBay searches only the title. It does not search the subtitles or the description for the keywords. So a title that does not match the keywords may not appear in the searches at all. To get your customer to the door, you need a good and relevant title.

Tips on Selling on eBay

What is a good title? A good title describes the item for sale, as well as having the keywords that are relevant to your product. You can do a little research on eBay by comparing the prices at which the same product is sold with different titles. In most cases there is a considerable difference.

Make full use of the title as there is only limited space on the title. Make each word count.
Another way is to make use of the subtitle to assist in your item description. But take note that the sub titles are not searched.

When you place your item for sale, try to place the item in the category that closely matches the item. If you place it in the wrong category you may miss out on people who search by categories.
Another way to increase your exposure is to list in a second category. However you need to factor in the additional costs associated with adding extras and balance it accordingly.

Having an auction reserve price actually lowers the final selling price of your item. So if you do not want to sell your item below a certain price, then start at a higher starting price without any reserve.

To attract more people to look at your auction, you can try starting at a low price. A low starting price gives you maximum exposure as most people also look at the starting price and the shipping charges. So having a low starting price encourages more people to look at your auction.

To get the best results, you need to list your auction for seven days or more to get more exposure. This also ties in with the start date and time of the auction. Usually it is best for your auction to cover weekends as more people will be logging in over the weekends compared to weekdays.

Photos play a big part. The more photos showing the item the better it will be. But again you need to balance the cost. I recommend that you go for the gallery item as I found it helps to increase the visibility of the item for sale. From my personal experience, when I search for items to buy from eBay, I usually look at the gallery pictures before clicking on the item. So it may be worthwhile to invest in one.

You can use a scanner for flat items and a good digital camera for other items. To take good photos you need to use a good backdrop and adequate lighting. Experiment until you are able to take good quality photos that will enhance your auction. Make sure that the photos are clear and buyers are able to see the item. A big turn off is photos being blur or the item is too far away to distinguish in the photo. If there are a number of items in the auction instead of lumping all in one photo, group them in smaller groups and take a few photos. This will give the buyers a chance to take a closer look at the items and their condition.

Give the user a money back guarantee. This can be a full refund or just the refund of the item price. Make sure that you clearly state it in the refund policy box. Having a money back guarantee is good as it gives buyers a sense of comfort especially if you have a low feedback .There may be a few people who will misuse this but the increase in business due to having a refund policy in place should offset this.

A potential buyer, usually before making a bid on your item for sale will also look at your feedback rating. EBay has a system that manages your eBay feedback rating. Having a good feedback is important. When I look at the feedback of the user and see that the person has quite a number of negative feedback saying that the items were never delivered, do you think I will buy from that person?

To minimize receiving a negative feedback after you sell the item, you need to write a good description of the item for sale. Put down all the things that best describes the item. Make sure that you mention if there are any defects in the item so that there will not be unnecessary friction with the person who brought the item.

Once you have sold the item, you need to collect the payment and ship the item. Remember to give and send a reminder to the person to leave you feedback. This is important as you need to build up your reputation on eBay.

In conclusion, you can start selling on eBay without much of a hassle. Selling on eBay can help you start learning the ropes of making money online. This will be helpful when you start other streams of income as then you will have the foundation. Start on eBay and I am sure that you will profit from it. EBay provides you with a system to help on your road to internet riches.

The lazy way to sell on eBay

Have you had a look at those people who are eBay Power Sellers? They sell hundreds of items per week. They are tied to their business. They still have to work regular 8-5 jobs or they need to hire additional help to assist them in their business. They may not be able to afford the time to take holidays. They have just traded their day job for another job.

That is not the goal that I want to achieve. I want to work a few hours a day and spent the rest of the time on the things that I like to do. I want to automate my internet business as much as possible so that once I have started it and fine tuned it, it can run with minimum supervision and I can go on a holiday and come back to see money in the bank. That is what I want to achieve.

This can be done. You need to spend time in the beginning to build the framework for your system but after it has been setup, you can leave it running. You can then setup the next system and you can continue following the same procedure again and again.

If you read on, you will learn to supercharge your eBay selling. When I mean supercharge you will learn what the real earners who are using eBay are doing. They are the ones who are raking in the money quietly while selling a handful of items at the time. They are the ones who have put together a system where minimum work reaps maximum profits.

Before you go further, you should setup and have two eBay accounts. That is, you should have one on eBay account for buying and one account for selling. The reason is that sometimes as a buyer you will get negative feedback by a seller (not your own fault). This does not effect your reputation as a buyer but it will affect your seller account if you had only one as mentioned before. Potential buyers usually look at your feedback before buying and it actually decides the price your item finally sells for. Having another eBay account is within eBay policy as they allow it as long as the two eBay ids have different email addresses.

Having two accounts helps when you do eBay arbitrage. “Arbitrage” is defined in economics as the practice of taking advantage of a state of imbalance between two or more markets. If you use the arbitrage method, you buy the item at a lower price using your buyer account and sell it from your seller account resulting in a tidy profit. You can use various ways like buying items from different geographic locations and another method that is explained below.

For example, when you look at certain items for sale on eBay, it may be listed in the wrong category or the pictures are not clear. Because of this, the final selling price may be lower then the actual worth. What you can do is to buy the item, take quality pictures and list in the correct category and make a tidy profit.

Another way is to buy the item locally and sell it worldwide. Some eBay users will only sell locally on their local eBay. You can make use of this opportunity to buy at a lower price and sell it globally as there is more demand maybe from users from another country.

If you buy and sell the item using arbitrage from the same account, potential buyers will be able to view the price at which you brought the item that you are selling. That is why it is good to have two eBay accounts to screen your buying activities. This is a good way to make a fast buck with minimum effort.

Another method you can use is to find items that are misspelled. Every day items that are misspelled are selling below their actual worth. This is because when people do a search, they search according to the correct spelling. You need to spend time to actually track this items down but it is worth it. You can make a few hundred dollars per week this way. But now there is a more efficient way. There is a system that is designed to automate the tracking process. You can click on the link below to check it out. Take note of the examples provided. You can check through eBay to see how it is working. http://www.thehowtomakemoneyonline.com/red/mmm.html

It is worth investing in the system. It can earn you a few hundred dollars per week for little work.


To conclude you can start on eBay with minimum expenses and build your online business from there. Use eBay as a stepping stone to riches!


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