Speaking In Tongues HTML version

shape it today. With a heart man believes, with the mouth man confesses
to salvation. Death and life are imparted to people through words, because
there's a spirit content to it. The word of God has power to change your life.
The mixture of meditating and speaking is what causes the word to become
alive, and energised in your life.
The Truth about Tattoos The book of Leviticus includes a prohibition
against Tattoos (& cutting, mutilation), which is often not well-understood or
observed. There's a natural/historical context, such as its association with
Slavery and Baal worship; but also a spiritual context, involving blood
covenants and supernatural laws. That side is related to the Deliverance
ministry (commonly known as Exorcism) - one of the 3 parts of the Great
Commission, which all believers are entrusted with.
Forces that Work in You (1 of 2) Sin is a living, spiritual entity. When sin is
in your life, it's not just something that sits there. It is something alive,
operative, active, wanting to increase its hold over your life and produces
death. The Holy Spirit works to energise us. What does He energise us to
do, and how do I get that happening in my life?
Gods Word Works In You (2 of 2) The Bible says if I don't do the word of
God, if I don't apply into my life what God's saying to me, actually I end up
quite deceived. I think I'm doing real well, because I measure doing real
well by the information I know - I've got three folders worth of Bible notes.
I've been to Bible school. But none of this, until it's applied, changes my
life. So the Hebrew way of thinking is very simply this; what you are doing,
is what you know.