Speaking In Tongues HTML version

So you notice it says in Verse 2: you speak to God. Now if you have a look in Verse 28,
it says: you speak to yourself, and to God; so when you speak in tongues, you're
speaking both to yourself and to God.
You're speaking into your spirit the things God wants for your life. You're speaking into
yourself, and you are teaching your spirit. You say: how can you do that? Listen, when
I'm prophesying, I'm actually being taught by the Lord as I speak, because there's a
flow, and I'm listening to the revelation, speaking out what's coming; and the other part
of my head's saying: boy, I didn't know that. Oh, that's amazing - oh, that's incredible. I
didn't know all those things Lord - so you're teaching yourself.
So when you're speaking in tongues, you are speaking directly God's purpose for your
life, the things He's designed for your life. You're speaking, and you're praying them to
God, you're calling them forth from God into the earth, and you're speaking them into
your own spirit.
So you say: well what's the use of that, if don't get to know it? Well the point is, you can
get to know it. It's just you don't know it as you're praying it, because you'd be analysing
it and shutting it down.
So with the flow of the spirit - that brings us to the next thing - is that speaking in
tongues initiates revelation in your life. It initiates the flow of revelation; and a lot of
people don't say: I don't hear from God. Well, God's wanting you to hear - it's not He
doesn't want to speak - it's just learning how to recognise it.
So when you're praying in tongues, notice what's happening: you're not using your logic,
you're not using your smarts to work it all out. You're not using intelligence, so that's
quite good. It puts us all on a level playing field, so it doesn't matter whether you've
been to university, or at least flunked out of high school - makes no difference.
That part of your brain isn't the bit that's going to be any use anyway, because the rest
comes from the Holy Ghost; so it's nice that God levelled it all out, isn't it? I think it's
quite good. He thought some of those fellas will be so smart, couple of these fancy
falutin' prayers. Tell you what we'll do, we'll just give them all the gift of tongues, then it
won't matter. They'll all be praying the same, and it won't help to be very smart, because
all being smart just confuses you, because you can't understand things of God. They're
received by revelation, so you don't use logic for the things of God.
The language of the spirit is a language of flow. It's a language of spontaneity, it's a
language of pictures, of visions. It's a language of inspired thoughts; so as you're
praying in tongues, you can begin to tune and focus your mind to listen, to receive and
thoughts come.
Sometimes they come while you're praying, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they'll
just drop into you a day later, a week later or two weeks later or three weeks later; and