Speaking In Tongues HTML version

what's the purpose of that? Well when the Bible's talking about mysteries, it's inevitably
talking about the mysteries of the kingdom of God, things that God knows.
You see, it's not a mystery to God, what you're praying. It's not a mystery to Him what
you're praying, it's just a mystery to you, and the reason it's a mystery to you, because if
God didn't override you on this one, you'd be praying some stuff that's totally irrelevant.
Think about it.
We don't know what to pray, nor how to pray as we ought; so we'll be thinking we're
praying for my marriage... oh God, change that wife of mine! God, move upon her!
That's how you'd be praying, see?
But you get praying in the spirit - now the Holy Ghost gi ves you the language, and you
might find if you were to listen in, and tune in, you might be hearing: oh God, I need to
grow in love and grace. I need to be a more loving person. Oh God, help me to be kind
and loving, and tender and thoughtful to my wife.
See, now you see you wouldn't pray that yourself so the Holy Ghost can just override
you. That's why it's good to be praying in tongues, because you know you're getting it
right. You know you're getting it right, see?
You pray for your children; God, turn that rebellious son of mine - you know, so you're
praying God, all this stuff, trying to manipulate God. But you see, when you're praying in
tongues, and you just hold the person in your heart with love, and you begin to pray in
tongues, now you can pour forth God's plan, God's will, God's purpose, God's thinking.
You're starting to call Him forth, so the mysteries are not mystery to God. They're only
mystery to you, and they don't stay a mystery. They're not meant to stay a mystery.
In 1 Corinthians 4:1: we're called to be stewards of the mysteries; so when you're
speaking in tongues, you're speaking out God's purpose, God's plan. You're speaking
out revelation. You're speaking out things that God wants to birth, either between you
and Him, in prayer - isn't it a great thing?
I don't know how to pray, so God helps me pray, and gives me the right words to pray,
so He can answer the prayer. It's got to be good - how good does it get, see? How good
does that get aye?
And you just don't know how to pray; how can you tell Jesus you love Him? I love You, I
love You, I love You. But you see you run out of words after a while. Hard to do that for
an hour - I love You. I'm telling You again, I love You. You know, it's really hard to do
that; but you can pray in tongues continually [prays in tongues], and allow yourself to
get stirred, and get the passion to flow. Isn't that fantastic aye?