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Speaking In Tongues
Mike Connell
Sermon Audio Transcripts
Speaking in Tongues The gift of tongues is one of the most wonderful gifts
that God has given you and me, and it is vital for building a spirit
dimensional life around you. Without the flow of the spirit's life within you,
you're left to live out of your own efforts and willpower, and without the
intuitive flow, direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. You've got
something that can change your life as a gift to you. He's called the Holy
Ghost. Jesus said I'll not leave you alone. He said I'll give you another
comforter. He's been with you, now He'll be in you. You've got some fire
inside you and he said they were filled with the Holy Ghost, began to speak
in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. It's fantastic.
Tongues and Interpretation How we can be immersed into the spiritual
dimension, and be "clothed with power from on high". This is a gift,
available to all who desire it. Receiving the Holy Spirit (Born Again) versus
receiving the total immersion (Baptism of the Holy Spirit). To express
ourselves in this new culture we need a language which bubbles up from
within - energising our inner life, speaking out 'mysteries' and more.
Words of Knowledge Learn how to operate the Word of Knowledge - a
powerful revelation gift to open up a person's life.
Speak the Word of God Things from the unseen realm of the spirit, make
their way into the physical world, by speaking words. Your words have
power to shape your world, they have already shaped your world, and