Speak A Little Louder HTML version

By C.C Hazel
been touch and go many times but Maria-Morgan had finally stabilized and woken up.
She would do all she could to help her daughter.
After drying her eyes and blowing her nose she came back and poured water for the
new daises.
They stayed with their daughter the whole visiting period. Going on and on and on
about, home, school, work family bla bla bla.
Only Louisa, out of all her so called friends, had come to see her. And where was
Andy? They had applied to the same schools. They had planned on living together.
They had made sure to apply only to schools close to each other just in case the
unthinkable, their being accepted to different schools, happened.
Her parents had said nothing about Andy. Andy who had dinner at their house often
and had even gone away with them for a weekend holiday. Now they were acting like
he did not exist. During her first three visits Louisa had been reluctant to talk about
him. She had insisted that the only thing to be thought about was recovery. But finally
she cracked. It seemed Andy was now dating one of her "friends", Clair. Clair had
been in the same clique with them.
Maria-Morgan knew that Andy tried to get with Clair before her. But Clair had not
given him the time of day. They had hooked two years ago. The others had even
laughed at her, Clair included. Slowly Andy had come into his own and they all
noticed him. But it was too late, he was hers. And now he was with Clair!
She had long stopped listening to her parents. Caught up in thinking about Andy and
“Well sweetheart we have to go now. We know how hospital food is, 'Bianca said
reaching into her basket,' so we snuck you some sweets, juice and doughnuts. I'll put
them next to the fruit, which you haven't touched. Please eat something. Okay.”
They fussed a bit more hissed her and finally left.
She took the doughnuts. They had brought her assorted ones. She chose a jelly and bit
into it. Oily and sweet! She had missed these.
George and Bianca went to doctor Moyo's office. He had these huge comfortable
leather armchairs for his visitors. But George and Bianca never managed to relax
when they came to see him. They would sit on the edge, bolt upright.