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Spanish Language Booklet - Level 1


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Book Description

This Booklet is intended to help beginning learners of Spanish in their language acquisition. The explanations, videos, exercises, caption recordings and self-evaluation during the learning process are the most useful activities included in this material. The content of this booklet has the following practical aims: • to help learners to get the language skills based on the communicative approach • to develop and consolidate the most frequent structures of Spanish language in present, and future tenses • to introduce to learners thematic units which reflect Hispanic culture and developing skills that are transferable to everyday situations of their own life experience

Rosie Jay

Fantastic, I am using the 123 website and the first page linked into it directly, awesome little books, massively helpful!!


Sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but the blurb for this book alleges that it uses a communicative approach and then launches directly into a 19th Century grammar-translation approach to teaching. The author doesn't seem to understand what is meant by the communicative approach. The only way the human brain learns to speak and understand a spoken language is by listening and speaking. Then the author forwards the students to the online works of other people. The links I followed were simply listen and repeat - also not communicative, but at least verbal input. As neurolinguistics proves, beginning a language study with the alphabet and grammar rules is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to the learning process.


Wow...awesome...there is someone want to share his skill for learn his Mother tongue. I interested with Spanish language but in my country difficult to find Spanish courses. Thanks a lot to the author, Jesus bless you. Thanks for become a blessing through this free ebook :-)

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Diosdado Corrales

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