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Published: 4 years ago

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In the distant future, humanity has expanded to fill every corner of the Solar System. Over 100 billion people live on its many planets, orbital rings and asteroids. In this age of many, it is fast becoming clear that the resources are going to run out! But before that happens, desperate measures need to be taken. Humanity must find new places to go to and new ways to manage what little it has left. But the universe is full of surprises. Between upheaval at home and the possibility of hostile intelligence's aboard, humanity will have its hands full! But then again, no one said survival was easy. *Winner of two Moderators Choice awards from Elwood-Lysator. Available in paperback and ebook at and!

Lee Willard

The ideas and plot are good, a little better than the prose. It is free from the senseless and overwhelming violence that is so prevalent in free sci-fi today. It is so sweeping in time and place that it should have probably been about twice as long to improve the continuity and allow for more character development. It takes awhile to get used to the abrupt changes of character and location but once you know they are coming, they are a little less confusing.


Great read. Took a few pages to get into, but well worth it. Understand there is to be a sequel; however, still wish the ending had not been so abrupt. That being said, definitely look forward to the reading the continuation.

k krieger

I enjoyed reading this, but was a bit distracted by the number of mistakes. Please have someone edit this book. Ta


Matthew S. Williams

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