Soulless Beasts: The Devil's Burden Book 2 HTML version

keeping me from putting a bullet in my skull. I learned that Rachel had dropped out of high
school and had got a job as a stripper as soon as she turned eighteen. I had thought if I
confronted her at her job, she’d have no choice but to talk to me. When I saw her for the first
time since the funeral, it was obvious that she was suffering. Seeing her in that state gave new
purpose to my life. I had to save her.
Alone in the basement, I kneeled down next to the spot where Jessica had died. I could
almost feel her presence there. I knew that she had spent her life trying to protect her
daughter from the darkness in the world. I vowed to do the same. I owed that to Jessica for
the kindness she had showed me.
I got off of my knees and walked upstairs to my bedroom. I opened the top drawer of
the dresser and took out the .357 magnum that was inside. I tucked the revolver into the front
of my pants, using my shirt to conceal it. I decided that it was time for me to claim what was
I parked my car at the edge of the driveway so that they wouldn’t see me pull up. The
plan was simple. I’d break into the house, kill Tyler, and rescue Rachel from her personal hell.
She would finally understand that I loved her mother and why it was important for me to save
her from a tragic existence. I had originally wanted to spare Rachel from the trauma of seeing