Soulless Beasts: The Devil's Burden Book 2 HTML version

didn’t trust him, but I had no choice but to accept whatever help he offered. Only one thing
mattered and that was Rachel.
“Take this,” Bryce handed me a 9mm caliber pistol. “I’ll be getting a warrant to arrest
Tyler Penn at his home. It should take me about two hours. When I get to house, I’ll find him
dead from an obvious suicide. I guess the guilt from what he did to Rachel will get to him. Two
hours. Obvious suicide. Got it?”
“I’ve got to get to the hospital,” I said desperately. “I’ve got to see Rachel.”
“There will be time for that later,” he explained. “There’s nothing you can do for her at
the hospital. There is something you can do for her here, though.”
“Why are you helping me?”
“Let’s just say that I’ve got a vested interest in your welfare.”
I drove faster than I had ever driven. I knew that I had very little time to carry out my
mission. Killing Tyler would not help Rachel survive, but it still felt like the right thing to do.
Tyler’s crime reminded me of why I had despised humanity. I wanted to return to my old
realm. Things were better when I could punish the wicked without human laws interfering. I
hated Sebastian Davenport for tricking me into giving up my world. Everything that had