Soulless Beasts: The Devil's Burden Book 2 HTML version

from the painful memories of my moment of happiness. That wasn’t my purpose for going
there, though. I went there to be close to her.
I waited for the moment to arrive. I knew it was coming. I had spent most of the night
completely focused on getting drunk. I occasionally glanced up at the stage to see a pair of
human tits. Most of them weren’t very impressive. The dark industrial music that screamed
through the speakers had a way of drowning out the sound of the voice inside my head. The
laughter and cheers of the other patrons made me feel as if there was no shame in being where
I was.
“Please welcome Rose to the stage,” the DJ’s voice shouted through the speakers.
The moment I had been waiting for had arrived. When I heard her name, my eyes shot
towards the stage and she had my undivided attention. When she moved it was as if her body
fused with the music, becoming one perfect being comprised of pure energy. She had so much
confidence in her naked, tattooed body. I couldn’t stop staring at her hazel eyes, though.
There was so much tragic beauty in those eyes. It was like she escaped the harshness of reality
when she danced. It was as if she was on a different spiritual plane than everyone else that
surrounded her. Watching her, I couldn’t remember why I hated humanity. I couldn’t
remember anything. There was only her. Then the song ended and it was over. My trance was
broken as she walked off the stage.
I ordered another beer and a couple shots of whiskey. I went back to being the “creepy,
brooding guy sitting in the corner”. I was well aware of what the people in the club thought of