Soulless Beasts: The Devil's Burden Book 2 HTML version

“I love you,” I said as I embraced Jessica. “Life is so hard without you.”
“Then why did you let me die?” she hissed.
I released the embrace and moved back from her. She was no longer beautiful. Her
body had become a rotting corpse and blood poured from the gash in her throat. I looked
around me. I was no longer in Heaven. I was in a place that was much more familiar to me. I
could smell the sulfur and feel the heat of the flames kissing my skin. I could see the bubbling
lake of fire and hear the screams of the souls that it consumed. I was back in my true home. I
was in Hell.
I woke up screaming.
A couple of weeks passed. I had not had any more dreams about Jessica, Heaven, or
Hell. The one dream had consumed my thoughts, though. Jessica had told me that I was no
longer the beast. She had said that I was a man. As a man, I wasn’t sure what purpose my life
served in the world. When I ruled Hell, everything seemed quite simple. I had a job to do and I
did it well. Every moment of my existence had a very clear purpose. As a man, I was conflicted.
What I had known as justice was now immoral. Where I had once been confined to a specific
task, I now had an unlimited amount of options. Free will was burden designed for the human