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Soul Ties #1- Bonded HTML version

Peyton Brittany-Soul Ties/Bonded
Life was so different in the Central Systems, she noted shaking her head. “Nariseerons are
hired guns. We are trained professionals. Not a bunch of mercenaries out for a bounty. We
are legitimate members of the Security Guild which means we are tax-paying citizens with
ties to the Collective. We provide an important service for the galaxy.”
“Mainly the central systems. There's a whole lot of empty space out there. And most
of it is untamed. You of all people should know that.”
“Same thing. And I'm not talking about the Borders or the Barrens either. That's a
whole other conversation. Before we could even think about going out there as a guild, we
need more people from the Collective to move out there and set up governments. It's lawless
out there for a reason.”
“There you go singing their praises again. You know you ought to be a lobbyist.”
“Me? Why?”
“Because you're a conformist.”
“Garr look around,” she gestured at their cramped lounge. A boxy room with one
window, two couches, a table and some chairs, it was the only place in the entire base where
she and the other non-commissioned officers could relax. “You make a living maintaining
the system.”
“Correction, I make a living protecting others.”
“Semantics, six in one and half-dozen in the other.”
“I still think your time with those gebeds of yours warped your mind. They made you
She tried not to wince at his sharp remark. Though she was not one to gab about her