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Soul Ties #1- Bonded HTML version

Peyton Brittany-Soul Ties/Bonded
ground. “Those things couldn't hit a target if it was placed right in front of them.”
“I've heard that talk before, it's nothing,” Zisa replied.
“I don't know, times are a changing,” he said wiping his face with a towel.
He continued studying his face in the mirror. In his late twenties, he appeared even
younger. Like most soldiers, who were superstitious, he was a creature of habit, believing if
it worked the first time then it must be good luck. And obsessive grooming a mission was
“You still look the same don't bother checking,” she smirked having no such routine.
For her, either good things happened or it didn't. There was no such thing as luck. It was
clearly evident in her choice in men.
“You're right, just as beautiful as ever.”
She snorted, chuckled, and went back to wiping down her weapon.
“As I was saying,” he said walking over to a chair and picking up his shirt, “lately the
Electorate has been hinting of a change. All they do is sing the praises of mechans and
gebeds, saying how efficient and good they are. You know they are no fan of the
independent security forces. They think we are a bunch of hired guns.”
Even though he carried a pleasant disposition, he always said he had a severe allergy
to crap. Whether it came out the front end or the back, he wanted no parts of it.
Zisa mouthed a toothpick. She had no use for politicians or their useless ideas. She
was born and raised in the Borders, an area just on the edge of the known galaxy. It was
known for its own version of civil law. In the Borders, a person's word was the rule of law
and if they didn’t live by it, they died.