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Soul Ties #1- Bonded HTML version

Peyton Brittany-Soul Ties/Bonded
Chapter One
Zisa propped her legs up on the table in front of her. The Sargent's lounge was the one
place she could relax without fear of interruption from the officers who insisted on riding her
hump and the lower ranked enlisted who tended to act like they didn't have a clue. Pulled
from both sides, it tended to wear her out.
Finally able to relax, she sighed as she rubbed the inside of her rifle with a soft cloth.
She studied the black carbon scoring that smeared on the white rag. Regular weapon
maintenance was the hallmark of a good soldier, for it ensured the safety and reliability of
their rifles. But that along with a whole bunch of other things had been put off to the side.
Won't have to worry about that any more.
“Hehehe, can you imagine being replaced by mechans and gebeds?”Garr asked raking
his hands through hishair. Turning up a container of mouthwash, he sloshed the liquid
around inside his mouth in between gargles. He leaned over the washbasin and spat into it.
Automatically the water turned on, he cupped his hands allowing the liquid to pool into it.
He splashed water on his sand and grit covered face, removing most of Retaya's sandy