Sophophilia HTML version

This volume entitled Sophophilia—Greek word for “Wisdom of Love”—is in profound
recognition of the boldness of the French-Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas who in his
philosophical works has turned philosophy on its head by arguing that philosophy to be more
relevant and meaningful in its human sense should not be “love of wisdom (or learning)” but
rather “wisdom of love.” In his Totality and Infinity, Levinas says: “Philosophy is the wisdom
of love at the service of love . . . and serves justice by thematizing the difference and reducing
the thematized to difference . . . Philosophy justifies and criticizes the laws of being and of the
Sophophilia is a collection of philosophical essays representing a wide range of philosophical
climates, traditions, tendencies and commitments intended to prepare and introduce new
enthusiasts to the academic field of Philosophy. The author has determined that an exploration of
basic issues relative to these classic philosophical areas is essential for the novice to really get a
sensible and meaningful grasp of philosophy in general and of academic philosophy in particular.
The author extends his sincere gratitude and appreciation to Carlos Bueno and Glenn Agbing for
the finishing touches.
Ruel F. Pepa