Songbook - Immersed in His Embrace HTML version

When was the last time you were involved in worship at your church and
you sang a song about baptism? Probably a long time, if ever! In addition,
worship music dealing with a biblical perspective of the Lord’s Supper is
rather scarce. The music in this Songbook is original and explores a num-
ber of biblical topics which haven’t been addressed often in the contem-
porary church.
This worship music is appropriate for all churches, and is solid biblically. It
was written specifically to appeal to churches with roots in the Restoration
Movement of the 18th century, the Disciples of Christ, the non-
instrumental church of Christ, and the Independent Christian Church. The
style is varied between contemporary and anthem. The music is copy-
righted, but permission is granted for usage, with the hope that this music
will serve as a development of biblical themes in the church.
Tom Graham has participated in a variety of musical venues. He was in-
volved in a professional Gospel quartet as a young man before taking a
pastoral position at a church in Southern Colorado. Tom became involved
in the local school system, teaching High School choral music, Jr. High
band, and elementary music at different times.
In addition, Tom founded the Fremont County Civic Choir, recruiting mem-
bers and serving as the initial director for several years before leaving Colo-
Tom has collaborated in the creation of musicals for High School and ele-
mentary classes, writing and scoring the music. Tom has also worked with
a number of church groups, writing and arranging music.
Tom currently lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, serving as a pastor there. He
can be contacted at Feel free to write with ques-
tions or comments.