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Something Between Red And Violet
20:05 pm, 31st December 2013, Kashmir, India
He stands in front of the stately mansion surveying it. Jack Frost air of Kashmir palpitaing at his hair and
features, chilling him to the core. He’s been examining it like a hawk for over a week now. Today’s inally
the day to make a move. The reason behind all the torture he had to endure since childhood has to be
retaliated. Their evil deeds would cause their demise, ater all. He knows what he has to do very well and
how sleekly. Although he decided to make her sufer for at least a while giving her a dose of her own
medicine. He smiles devilishly at that.
“The devil’s supreme decoy is to coax you in to believing that he doesn’t exist and here I am The Devil
himself, standing at your threshold to lure you away from your deplorable epoch to the path of
repentance and emancipation. ”
imitaing a gravely tone he mocks, making his way to the back of the house and sneaks in through the
rear end door, then silently ascends the stairs to the second loor and inds the room he intended to do
his business in irst. He couldn’t aford any distracion and the kid will deinitely be one if he doesn’t shut
her up beforehand. He inds her sleeping soundly on the bed, and sits slowly at the end. It wasn’t really
her fault, but the more he looks at her, the more furious he becomes. The kid mumbles something
unintelligible while sirring. Ater a while her eyes luter open and she sees him staring at her intensely.
“I’m sorry baby sister.” He says and before she could make any sound he wrings her neck promptly.
Coming downstairs he moves like a panther in search of his prey. He hears two people having a heated
conversaion in the living room. He peeks and sees her seated on the couch, frustraion clouding her
delicate face,then he noices the suited man siing beside her. He smirks, adrenaline coursing through
his veins. Without being noiced by them he turns of the main switch of the house leing darkness
envelope them.
“What happened?” Mr. Singh asks, annoyed.
“Go check.” Martha frowns.
He stands at the doorway waiing for the dupe to come near. Mr. Singh gets up and makes his way
blindly to the doorway without a hint of what’s coming next. When he nears the door someone grabs his
neck from behind and jabs something sharp in his stomach. He shrieks in agony, but the assailant slits his
throat before he makes anymore damage to his ear.