Solomon Family Warriors HTML version

SATURN INDUSTRIES CLASS 5 Interstellar Freighter Number 3307 settled gently into a
parking orbit around a planet that was, like itself, numbered but unnamed while its lone human
occupant slept through the transition from the simulated gravity of deceleration to weightlessness. The
Class 5 was as common as the 737 and the DC 3 had been in their day, Saturn claimed that more light
years had been traveled in the Class 5 than any other spacecraft. The only other vessel that came close
to its track record was the Pirate Interdiction Warship which, among others, Saturns advertising further
asserted that the two most successful spacecraft in current service both came from their yards and
shared many of the same designers. On the occasion of the delivery of the five thousandth Class 5,
Saturn announced the opening of a third production line to reduce the five year delivery backlog.
Captain to the Bridge. The voice had a British accent.
Greg Solomon groaned and rolled over.
Captain to the Bridge. This time the voice had a German accent.
Greg regretted having programmed a sense of humor into the ships communication software.
Im awake.
No, youre not. It was the voice of HAL. Greg hated that voice.
Greg was beginning to wonder why he programmed the ship to talk at all except that vocal
communication was faster than typing. Im awake.
Your medical transponder disagrees. The computer reverted to its normal American mid
western newscaster voice.
All right. Im not. Im going back to sleep.
Captain to the Bridge. The computer used the voice of one of Gregs drill instructors.
You win. Im coming.
Greg padded from his quarters through the galley to the bridge.
What is so important that you could not let me sleep?
We have a problem.
Such as?
Look out the view-port.
Greg laughed. It looks like a hurricane.
Well, Duh!
Now all I need is a couple of stranded female shuttle pilots.
You miss them dont you.