Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Wind power vs Solar energy an even match
Today in center stage is a battle for the ages. On the right corner, packing a
hurricane punch yet is known to move softly as a breeze is wind power. On
the left corner, with a scorching hot aura, moves in a speed of light, is solar
energy. Wind power versus solar energy, which one is going to be declared
the champion of the alternative energy movement?! Let’s get ready to
Or something like that. I apologize for that intro but I just can’t help. I figured
that if I was going to match one alternative energy resource against the
other, then I’ll make some extravagant introduction. Just imagine the drum
Actually, there is an existing debate among environmentalists and even
scientists on which energy resource should be developed first given their
advantages and drawbacks. Staying away from the personal biases,
numerous studies have shown that overall, wind power is more cost
effective than harnessing the sun’s energy. Let’s see the reasons behind
that conclusion.
Harnessing the sun’s energy can be done by a number of ways. But
probably the simplest way which can be applied in a small home is by using
photovoltaic cells or PV or solar cells. What happens is that sunlight hit the