Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

An Overview on the Interesting Facts about Solar Energy
There are lots of interesting facts about solar energy. Educating yourself
about this will prove to be beneficial in the long run. You can share the
information to your loved ones. You can teach them of ways on how they
can help to conserve the energy. You can also do your share to help this
method to advance if you are a genius in the field. But if you are an ordinary
citizen who only wants to enjoy, then feast on. But remember that you also
have responsibilities to the environment that you must accomplish in order
to do your part in the whole scheme of things.
The Facts that Matter
1. Solar radiation makes it possible for the energy coming from the sun to
be used as power source and energy that can in turn be used for many
purposes. The technology on this aspect is characterized in two ways. They
can either be passive or active. This will depend on the methods that are
used to get, convert and allocate sunlight.
What are active solar techniques? These utilize pumps, photovoltaic panels
and fans to renovate sunlight into useful resources. These aim to increase
the energy supply that is why these can also be referred as supply side
technologies. The passive solar techniques, on the other hand, use only
selected resources with constructive thermal properties, utilize the kind of
spaces that can circulate air naturally and apply the position of buildings