Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Using solar energy goes way back
Recollecting the history of solar energy brings us back to the 1970s energy
crisis and oil embargo which caused long lines in gasoline stations, high
gasoline prices, and even caused panic among consumers and investors
alike in the United States. Knowledge about oil being a non-renewable
resource has been around since the 1800s. But it was only during and after
the 70s energy crisis that people really began to realize the consequences
of depending too much on an already depleting energy resource.
However, utilizing the sun’s energy is not really a recent development. It
has been used by ancient civilizations for warmth, for food and crop
preparations and various agricultural purposes. What’s new are the
technologies involved in harnessing this energy and utilizing it for man’s
daily use.
The technology began in the 1830’s when Edmund Becquerel made public
his studies on how solar light can be harnessed into usable energy.
However, nobody followed up on this idea nor explore any practical use.
The next breakthrough on solar power came after thirty years Becquerel
published his works.
In 1860s, the French Monarch commissioned Augusted Mouchout to find
other sources of energy. And Mouchout looked up in the sky for inspiration.