Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

The History of Solar Energy
Solar energy is for everyone simply because the sun shines in every corner
of the planet. In fact, the history of solar energy can be traced back to the
Greeks that were then passed on to the Romans which marked the first
people to ever use the passive solar design.
Passive solar design is a way to warm the home based on the dwelling’s
design. They may not have had glass windows back then but their
architecture made it possible for the people to use the sun’s rays to light
and heat indoor spaces. As a result, there was no need to burn food that
often which was in short supply.
In 1861, Auguste Mouchout invented the first active solar motor.
Unfortunately, its expensive price made it impossible to produce
commercially. Less than 20 years later, Charles Fritts invented solar cells
which will later on be used to power homes, heaters, satellites and other
devices today.
Since what he invented was very primitive, other people experimented on
solar energy. One such person was Albert Einstein who won the Nobel
Prize for physics in his research on the photoelectric effect which is a
phenomenon associated with the generation of electricity through solar