Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

The Benefits of Solar Energy
Solar energy will benefit a lot of people and not only the rich. This is why
some governments have increased funding for this type of technology
because they are aware of its many benefits.
For one, solar energy is very cheap compared to other technologies. It is
also renewable unlike coal or the rest which are non-renewable and hard to
It also improves the health of people since it does not produce any carbon
dioxide emissions unlike kerosene lamps that give out fumes which are just
as deadly as smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. It also reduces the
incidents of fire that are often associated with the use of kerosene, candles,
diesel fuel and gasoline for generators.
Solar energy is almost maintenance free because the solar cells used will
last for 20 years or more before it has to be replaced. You just have to keep
the panels clean so it is able to absorb sunlight and convert that into
These are also very useful in remote locations where power lines are not
yet available. Some examples of these include fish houses, highway signs,
marine applications, remote lighting and telecommunication.