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The Future of Solar Energy, How It Looks and How It Affects
The future of solar energy lies on the indigenous hands of people who
never tire out from thinking of ways in order to make life easier to live. With
the advancement in the technology, the boom of the Internet age and a lot
of other things, there will come a time when people will turn their backs on
whatever is conventional. This can be good and bad in many ways,
depending on who is looking at it and from what perspective.
But people’s quest for the advancement and development of everything
that surrounds them provides lots of negative effects as well. Here are only
1. Sometimes, people neglect the environment and how to properly take
care of it for the mere fact that they are greedy to get their ideas done no
matter what the consequences to the nature will be. Such advancements
create harmful effects in the whole state and balance of nature. How many
times have you heard about forest denudation or grave floods that kill
people? All these occurrences can also be rooted to the activities of men
that suffice for their own good without so much consideration for their
natural habitat and the nature.
2. With the continuing advancement of everything that surrounds people,
the generational gap becomes wider and wider. Old folks will fight for the