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The future of solar energy on transportation
The future of solar energy on transportation
Are you familiar with the World Solar Challenge? It is a race specifically for
solar cars. Solar cars basically have arrays of photovoltaic cells which
converts the sun’s rays into usable electrical energy. The purpose of the
race is to raise awareness on the use of the sun’s energy on transportation
and the development of other alternative forms of energy particularly the
solar cells.
The future of using solar energy on transportation services may still be a
little hazy given the practical difficulties involve in converting ordinary cars
into solar cars but the idea is here to stay and hopefully develops into
something promising and useful.
At this point, solar cars have been built to join solar car races. Very few
have been constructed for practical and commercial purposes. There are
several reasons why the solar car remains on the background.
The design of a solar car relies on the electrical system of the vehicle. The
system controls the electricity the flows from the photovoltaic cells to the
batteries, to the wheels, and to the controls. The electric motor that moves
the vehicle is powered purely by the electricity produced by the solar cells.
The solar cells, depending on the number installed on the vehicle, can
produce more or less 1000 watts of power from the sun’s rays. To give you