Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

The downsides of solar energy
Not that I’m against using solar energy or anything but there are some
downsides of using solar energy. My intention is to illustrate these
disadvantages so that people can realize the other side of the coin to
prepare them and not so much as to dissuade them from using solar
energy. I am for everything that can save the planet. View this article as an
introduction where we can still improve the current technologies involving
solar energy.
One of the first and major drawbacks of using solar power is the costs. The
expense is considerably higher than the conventional electric installation.
From the purchase to the initial installations of the solar panel unit, the cost
is a significant factor to consider. The high costs of solar power panels lie
on the expensive semi-conductor materials that convert sunlight into
However, as technology progresses and as the need slowly increases, the
costs of solar panels are expected to go down, something on the level of
being competitive with other energy resources.
Another to consider is space. We’re talking about installing a solar panel
which is not small. It requires a significant amount of space which also
helps maximize the amount of sunlight it can collect and convert into