Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Technologies for harnessing solar energy
Harnessing the sun’s energy efficiently is not an easy feat. The sunlight is
so widespread that finding the most effective way of capturing it requires
advanced knowledge and technology. There are several technologies for
utilizing solar energy and all are unique and are dedicated for specific
First up are the photovoltaic cells or commonly known as solar cells. These
are probably the best known way of harnessing the energy’s sun.
Whenever one talk about solar power, the first things that come to mind
include having panels and panels of photovoltaic cells or PV. These cells
contain semi-conductors, commonly are made from silicon, which absorbs
the light from the sun. When sunlight hit the surface of the silicon, new free
electrons are created. As the electrons are channeled out of the silicon,
electric current is created.
The second solar power technology is the concentrating solar power
systems. This one involves using mirrors to reflect sunlight to one area.
Some systems incorporate high tech devices to track the movement of the
sun and adjust the mirrors to maximize the amount of sunlight the system
receives. The sunlight reflected from the mirrors is used to heat or power a
conventional power plant. Other systems channel the light from the mirrors
to an area filled with photovoltaic cells.