Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Solar Energy is the Future
We consume fossil fuels at a greater rate than we have ever had over the
past 50 years. That demand is fueled by the increase of cars on the street,
the number of planes that take to the air and the number of homes that
need electricity. Sadly, we will have depleted these resources by the end of
this century which is why we have to come up with other ways to get power
and solar energy may be the future.
Solar energy is simply extracting the sun’s energy for power. Just to tell you
how powerful the sun is, it can burn scrub lands and give you sunburn if you
are out in the sun without any protection. In fact, the Greeks and the
Chinese used this to set fire until the 1880’s by Charles Fritts made the first
solar cell.
Instead of using a heater to warm up the home, sunlight can be used to
control the temperature. You will just need large windows and shades to
control the amount of sunlight that will go inside and keep the heat
absorbed during the day to remain at night.
Solar energy can also provide warm water as it warms up cold water that
passes down through the closed flat panels called collectors.
But solar energy does not only give warmth to the home. It can also be