Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Solar Energy, How Does It Benefit the Agricultural Sector
What is solar energy? To put it simply, this is the energy coming from the
sun. The heat and light that the sun provides are essential to life. Can you
even imagine life without the sun? It will not be normal and there are lots of
things and experiences that people can no longer indulge into if ever that
will be the case.
Everybody relies on the sun for its benefits. Did you know that the earth
gets 174 petawatts of insolation or the incoming radiation from the sun?
This happens at the upper part of the atmosphere. Almost 30% gets
reflected back to the space. The rest of the percentage is being absorbed
by the clouds, land masses and oceans.
The Agricultural Sector
If you can think of one industry that won’t survive without the energy coming
from the sun, what will be the first thing on your mind? There may be many
sectors that must rely on the sun’s benefits. But the agricultural and
horticulture industry will not thrive without it. They have no other options. If
the sun will be gone, these sectors will die.
The sun is need by the agricultural and horticulture departments to be able
to grow their produce. The latter is needed by people as well as animals.
These sectors’ productivity will depend on the amount of energy that they